There are hardly any computer users who have not heard about Norton and McAfee antivirus. These two antivirus are now competing with each other to prove their priority one over another. However, Norton is a product of Symantec Corporations which has been proving itself to be the most popular antivirus product in the whole world. On the other hand, McAfee is a product developed by John McAfee, now has got a leading position in the field of antivirus products.

Review of Norton and McAfee

Norton antivirus has an established reputation for its maximum virus protections. It is always active against all harmful programs in your PC. It can create powerful protection against keyloggers, worm, Trojan, rootkit, etc. It provides perfect internet security. Norton antivirus also has its automatically update option to make it up to date with different newly made viruses. It provides firewall protection to filter your files downloaded from internet and taken from other devices. Moreover, it gives online identity protection, such as- email protection, etc. to save your important identity.

In contrast, McAfee is not lagging behind from providing these type of services to their users. It is promoting its business as Intel Security all over the world. It is one of the most dedicated security technology company. McAfee is well-known for its identity theft protection feature. It also works as Bot Blocker. It has another reputation for not creating interruption in your computer’s usual operation. Sometimes antivirus products can slow down your computer.

However, McAfee has a very little impact on the performance of your computer. In addition, McAfee is providing a very active web protection for the internet users. It will certainly help you a lot to provide a flawless activity in your PC.

Coupon Codes Provided by Norton and McAfee

McAfee has got a very reasonable market price. Users can get a complete virus protection within a limited budget. In spite of that, McAfee antivirus is providing coupon codes or discount codes which will reduce the usual price to a great extent. You can purchase McAfee antivirus in a usual price of around $40. However, McAfee promo code can be used to get a discount of 30% to 40% on its real price. That means, you can save real money in every purchase. Norton is little bit higher in its price than McAfee. Its price is around $89.99. However, it is providing $40 discount through coupon codes. Coupon codes are available online and in local markets. There are a lot of websites where you can find valid Norton promo code to get discount in your next purchase.


Sometimes protection becomes so important that money doesn’t matter. In spite of that, customers hesitate to buy antivirus product in a higher price. For this reason coupon codes is helping to make the price more convenient to the customers. As the uses of antivirus depends on the works done by the computer, the users can take better decision depending on the features that which antivirus they will choose.

Explore The Gadget World of Agent 007

da Explore The Gadget World of Agent 007

When you say James Bond, more than anything else – women, cars, and gadgets – are the three things that will always be in it. Today, let’s take a walk down memory lane to see all the outrageous gadgets that James Bond used to wow the public for more than 50 years now. You’ll be surprise how many of our gadgets today had sprung up due to James Bond movies. Here are some of them:

Global Positioning System – GPS
When James Bond jumped on the Aston Martin DB5, first appeared in Goldfinger (1964), it was simply the James Bond car and will forever be. This is because of the hi-tech traits that the car have – thanks to Q. One of the best gadget of the car is its tracking system (now known as GPS). While it was never really explain in the movie how that technology works, it was transmitting the location information directly to his in-car map without the need of a traditional map or any radar. Considering that the first GPS never really existed until 1994, we can say that Q was ahead of the curve. Thanks for the idea Q.

Bulletproof Glasses
The bulletproof glass divider begun to be implemented in taxi cabs around 1968 but were still not widespread enough. Thanks to Live and Let Die (1973) James Bond film, almost all cabs around the world have bulletproof glasses. It surely spread the word! Everybody cant forget that scene where Bond took a cab to go to the airport but he found out that the driver is an enemy and he cant do anything but feel helpless, because the cab’s glasses are bulletproof, cant be broken and the doors are locked.

Parrot Asteroid Mini
The Parrot asteroid mini is one of my most favorite Bond gadgets. It has the ability to do things just by voice command. Such as initiating a call, download and use navigations, tunein to radio and can even play you music if you want to. This has been especially useful when Bond navigated the streets of some exotic location at 80mph where he don’t have time to look down and make a call. Fast forward in today’s year, we have almost everything voice activated. Our house, Our car and even some PBX systems of businesses are voice activated.

Submarine Lotus Esprit
A submarine car is not easy to forget. The submarine car’s wheels tuck in and a periscope pops up; the surface-to-air missiles will take care of any pesky helicopters. Torpedoes and mines included, but a racing stripe is extra. Really cool!

Passenger ejector seat
And last but not the least is the passenger ejector seat – the holy grail of Bond car gadgets. This had been useful many times for Bond’s escapes and survival. If we have this nowadays, it would be helpful for all parents who have a teenager in the passenger seat, singing Justin Bieber songs over and over again. Just Kidding.

Last October, the James Bond franchise celebrated its 50th anniversary and the launch of its 25th Bond Movie – Skyfall. Skyfall had been a huge success and Bond fans are quite satisfied. This only proves that James Bond will be forever part of our life – maybe even without those gadgets, girls and cars.

10 Gadgets To Make You Healthier This 2014

gadgets 10 Gadgets To Make You Healthier This 2014

I love gadgets of every kind, but the types of gadgets that I love the most are gadgets that will make you healthier and fit. Anyway, there is nothing more important than one’s health right? For the past few years, I’ve seen the market for health and fitness gadgets grow. It went from having simple pedometers to extreme fitness trackers last year. This year is another era. Since all health and fitness company seem to offer smart wristband fitness tracker (some even have pedometers for your pets), it’s time for the next big thing. I’ve went to various electronics show including the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to see some awesome gadgets that will make you healthier this 2014. Read on and discover them.

Finis Neptune
Listening to music or a powerful motivation audio is a common scenario in almost every sport – except swimming. Of course this is because all electronic gadgets would not work underwater, plus putting something in your ear while swimming is distracting. Not anymore. With the Finis Neptune this is oh so possible. The Finis Neptune is water proof and wi-fi powered too so you can connect your playlist to it. Simply secure it your goggles and it will use a bone conduction audio to relay the audio to your ear without the need for ear buds.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer
This device is totally an upgrade to your bathroom scale. It does much more than get your weight. It can get your BMI, body fat percentage, heart rate, room temperature and it all connect your data to your iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth or w-fi.

Lumo Lift
Looking to improve your posture? Lumo lift is all you need. This small device and can simply be attach to your clothes and it will vibrate whenever you start to slouch.

Xbox 360 + Kinect training
The motion tracker of the new Xbox 360 is perfect for those who want to get healthy and fit without going outside. There are lots of exercise games and good workout games out there that you can use with it but the best are the Nike+ Kinect and the Adidas Kinext. Both can assess your body’s performance and fitness, will offer you a workout plan, also offer a diet plan and will track your performance and progess along the way,

Electronic Cigarettes
Though some may oppose, (because there’s still not enough studies to prove that electronic cigarettes is a healthier alternative to smoking) the fact that it doesn’t contain the thousands of harmful substances regular cigarettes have make it as one of the must have gadgets to lower your risk of getting sick this year. E-cigarettes don’t have tar, carcinogens and they don’t burn anything. They just heat nicotine liquid and produce a smoke like vapor that gives you the same look, feel and taste of using real cigarettes. Get it today at at a discounted price so you can save money while you get healthier.

V2 Cigs Coupon Code For You
V2 cigs is one of the top E-cigarette brands around. It has superior quality E-cig products, awesome flavors and a reat line of E-cig accessories. You can get V2 cigs today at a discounted price at and get as much as 25% off your purchases.

Blu Cigs Coupons For You
Blu cigs is the best electronic cigarette brand for beginners. They are the brand that perfectly replicates the look, feel and taste of real smoking. Not to mention that they are also one of the few brands that are available in grocery stores, gas stations and supermarket nationwide. Try blu cigs today!

This health gadget is perfect for those who are really serious to maintain a dietary plan. Use the hapifork whenever you eat and you will see that it can act as your eating guard every time. It will track the number of fork servings you’ve eaten and will vibrate and light up if you are eating too fast or too many.

Skulpt Aim
Ever played that game in the arcade where you need to use a hammer and hit something to measure just how strong you are? Well forget about that as Skulpt Aim can do the same without exerting any effort. The Skulpt Aim electrical current – the same technology used to study patients with muscular problems – to figure out how strong you are and how healthy your muscles are. It also connects to your smartphone where in you can track your improvement from time to time.

This crossover between elliptical trainer and a bike is just awesome! It’s perfect for those who are looking for low cardio workout and is a great conversation piece. Oprah Winfrey, Meb Keflezighi and other famous personalities love their ElliptiGO.

Lark Life Wristband
Yes, we know we’ve told you at the start of the article that it’s getting pretty boring on the wristband tracking department but this one is different. It stands out from the crowd and got our attention. Why? Because it basically tracks your every move 24/7. It tracks your sleeping hours, food you eat, your mood, your exercise and it also spits out tips for you to be healthier depending on the things you have been doing. Did you spend all day watching television? Then the device would probably tell you to go out and walk your dog for exercise.

AIQ Bioman Apparel
Forget about bulky heart rate monitor, because this one is something you can wear, as it is a sleeveless shirt. It has wearable electrodes and is Bluetooth enables so you can track your vital signs and send it to your mobile devices. Oh and don’t worry as it is washable.

What are the differences between Shared, Dedicated and VPS Hosting?

vph What are the differences between Shared, Dedicated and VPS Hosting?

Web hosting service is one of the popular online services all over the world. The necessity and requirements of all the customers are not same. Someone will use web-hosting service for their own use, and some will use for business purposes. This is why the web hosting companies are providing different plans for different customers. Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated web hosting services are three different and popular web hosting plans. Different well-known companies offer the plans for all these three types of companies. However, as the plans are different, there will be obvious difference in its features and price too.

If you compare these three plans, you will find significant differences among them. I am going to show you the most appealing features from all these three web hosting plans.

Shared Hosting
The first thing is that this is a shared hosting plan designed mainly for the individuals. However, it is also suitable for the small type business firms. Moreover, there are some specific reasons for which it is chosen by the individual users and other small firms. You will find the facility to share your CPU time, disk space, and other memory through this service. This plan is said to be an economical plan as the total cost is also shared by all the users. There may have changes in services regarding the hosts of the plan. However, the common facilities provided by this hosting are installing server software, customer support or technical support, automatic security update, etc. If you are interested in this plan then you may prefer SIteground, Bluehost (10% off coupon), arvixe, GreenGeeks, or HostPapa as the best recommendations.

VPS Hosting
VPS is a server related to physical server. It is similarly effective as dedicated server but it will provide the users some limited resources. Additionally you will get the root access in a VPS hosting. Moreover, the service will be a little bit more expensive than the shared hosting. The facilities that you can get from this plan are unlimited bandwidth and disk space, unlimited email account, more privileges than shard hosting, uptime guarantee, customer support, etc. There are thousands of VPS web hosting providers around the world. The most popular are inmotion hosting, SingelHop, Lunarpages, myhosting, etc.

Dedicated Hosting
The word dedicated indicates that is a resourceful plan. You will get all the facilities from this service. There is no limitation of any particular resources. In fact, the plan is for big business purpose. You will get unlimited resources, with high volume of traffic. As a result, you have to pay a bulky amount of money per month for this plan. Moreover, the customers will get full control over the server for its customization. The best recommendation will be eSecureData, Colocation America, CoreSpace, HostGator, inmotion hosting, or steadfast.